VIETNAM is a photographer's paradise and from the ethnic minorities who live in the mountains of the north to  historical Hanoi and Hue, to the beaches of Hoi An,  Nha Trang and Vung Tau, to the Cenrtal Highlands,  Ho Chi Minh City and the fabulous Mekong Delta,  there are countless opportunities to capture outstanding and memorable images.   But as there are hundreds of tour operators advertising tours,  it can be a daunting prospect in choosing the right one.   I have travelled extensively throughout Vietnam I am happy to share my knowledge of where to go,  what to see and who to go with.   Most companies are only interested in the classic tours and not  in specialized, out of the way photographic tours.   That is where I can recommend various itineraries and companies depending on what you are specifically looking for in your holiday.   Send me a message on the 'Contact' form or email me on if you require a helping hand in choosing a suitable tour.

CHOOSING an itinerary will probably be the hardest part of your journey as well which company to travel with so you need to know the following :- 

1. How many people will be travelling?  Are you a lone traveller or will there be two, four, six or eight people on the trip?   2. Do you want 5 star, 4 star, 3 star accomodation or are you happy with homestays and guesthouses or immersion tours staying with the locals?   3. Do you require a driver, a vehicle and a guide or are you backpacking and taking local transport?  4. How long do you intend to stay in Vietnam such as one, two or three weeks?  5. Are you a first time traveller to Vietnam and are looking for a basic tour from the north to the south of the country?  6. Are you a seasoned traveller and photographer looking to visit ethnic villages and markets where few travellers have been?

THERE are countless companies offering trips to the north and their itineraries can be viewed and vetted on line so you have an idea on what to see and where to go.  But most of these companies simply pass on your details to local tour guides in the region and go from there.  Most organisations from Hanoi will never have been to the north and never have stayed in the accomdation they are offering nor know how and where to get to various villages.  As well you will find most companies do not have tours to the distant villages as there is a lot of work in preparing itineraries, permits and having guides with the knowledge of these places, although they may tell you that they do.  I have travelled extensively on all of the roads from Hanoi to the Chinese borders in Thu Lum and Muong Te to Si Lo Lau to A Mu Sang to Pha Long to Lung Cu to Ban Gioc in the east.  I am more than happy to share my knowledge of Northern Vietnam and which companies are the only ones capable of taking you to the distant villages where few western travellers ever go.  Often special permits are required to visit the restricted Border Areas where most tourists never go nor even know they exist.  So email me on the email address above, give me the answers to questions 1 to 6 above and I can design a rough itinerary for you.  

SAMPLE ITINERARIES are coming shortly or simply email me today...